How To Craft An Email to Journalists That Gets Opened

Writing customized emails to journalists presenting story ideas increases engagement.

And that’s what we want, right? A dialogue with the journalist or influencer so it may lead to a story about our book, business or cause.

More than 90 percent of journalists prefer to be presented story ideas through email first, according to Cision’s 2017 State of the Media Report.

Understanding Your Audience: Answer These Questions First

I know some people who are frustrated about their business or organization.

Understanding Your Audience

Lack of leads, lack of clarity and the understanding of their audience and potential customers has lead them to this point.

Without a deeper knowledge about who they want to help (those buying their products/services) they are simply making assumptions and going nowhere fast.

Productivity Hack: Record a Video and Have a Blog Post and Email Article in Under 10 Minutes

There’s a productivity hack I’ve been following now for a while that has allowed me to record a video, draft a blog post and email article in under 10 minutes.

If you’ve been following me then you know I come out with a video message on Monday and then send a very similar message through email by the end of the week, and post the same content on my blog.

The Message Map: How to Stay Focused and On Message

Technology has significantly impacted how we communicate today. That’s obvious. And more than that, it’s impacted the pace, frequency, the many ways and amount of communication we engage in on a 24/7 basis (if we want).

In all the many ways we communicate, how do we make sure we remain consistent with our message? For me, I’m writing blog articles, creating presentations, posting video messages, and preparing for podcast or media interviews every month. My challenge is how do I make sure I’m consistent from opportunity to opportunity when I’m trying to get my message out there?

#49: From Zero to $9 Million: How This Fundraiser Exceeds While She Leads [Podcast]

Joel Kessel Interviews Georgi Kelly on "Conversations on Communications"

“You should never ask someone to do something that you would not be willing to do yourself.”

This guiding leadership statement is one of the many that Georgi Kelly shares. Under her leadership as the VP of Development of KQED, the public media organization serving northern California, her team and the station continue to enjoy unprecedented success.

So how does she lead a team to nurture $9 million worth of non-profit connections? It all boils down to developing and maintaining relationships.

Valuing Yourself is a Number One Priority

Terry posted how frustrated he was with having to do the marketing. Joan soon commented in agreement, sharing her version of being frustrated.

Both felt overwhelmed.

I’ve been having more and more conversations with authors, entrepreneurs and small business owners about how for their book and business. Keep in mind, the marketing communications is a small part of their responsibilities, albeit an important one.