#39: Preparing For An Effective Book Marketing Campaign [Podcast]

Joel Kessel Interviews James Woosley on "Conversations on Communications"

Part two of my conversation with James Woosley of Free Agent Press turns to effective book marketing strategies and tactics.

A key theme is this: Don’t wait for our book to be printed and done before thinking about marketing and promotions.

“You’ve crossed the finished line and all of the sudden you realize you were only at mile marker one of a marathon,” says Woosley. This is a realistic expectation. The work has just begun.

A good rule of thumb is to start about three months in advance of the release of our book, right around the start of the design phase. Develop a plan and stay true to the timeline in executing against it.

The main theme in having a successful book marketing campaign is to be proactive.

According to Woosley, we have to educate people (our readers) that our book and message is available. Unless we have celebrity status and have a huge following, we must be proactive in marketing and getting the word out. Otherwise, we need to be prepared to settle for whatever sales we get and be happy with it.

A few tactics to consider:

  • Build a launch team and create a private Facebook Group for the team and for you to communicate and engage in. Find evangelists and those who follow your message and philosophy. Invite them to be part of your campaign as some may want an opportunity to see behind the scenes and see how things work.
  • Add value to the team. You can provide advance copies, give inside information and resources that they can share with their connections to help build excitement, offer author Q&As, webinars, bonus materials generate buzz and awareness.
  • Create a digital press kit for the media – reporters, podcasters, bloggers, influencers who may be interested in your book. This is a necessary tool that makes it very easy for media to cover you and your book.

Resources mentioned during the show: