#45: Two Questions Every Author Needs to Answer [Podcast]

An interview with David Braughler of Braughler Books about self-publishing and book marketing

Two Questions Every Author Needs to Answer

You have a story to tell, but aren’t sure how to go about getting it into a book.

Figuring it out yourself is frustrating. There’s everything from copyediting, book marketing, to designing. When you look for help online, you don’t know who to trust or the best areas to invest your limited funds.

Enter David Braughler of Braughler Books.

David and his team work one-on-one with authors helping them publish a high-quality book by using a blend of traditional and digital printing methods, as well as electronic publishing and distribution.

David and his team guide every author through the process, ensuring that their finished book speaks to their readers.

I talk with David on this episode of Conversations on Communications. We discuss what makes a good book, how the self-publishing industry has radically changed in the last eight years (hint: it no longer has the negative stigma it once did), and his passion around helping people, specifically, authors.

Plus, two questions every author needs to answer, “Why did you write the book?” and “Who did you write it for?”

David explains that your answers have an impact on the process and the direction of the book publishing process.

When it comes to roles and responsibilities, whether its publishing or book marketing, it falls on your shoulders.

“Understand that in the self-publishing environment, you are doing the publishing. That means you get to call the shots,” Braughler explains. “Hold people accountable, ask the tough questions. Ask to see their work. It’s your money so spend it with intention and clarity.”

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