#46: The Importance of Internal Communications in an Organization [Podcast]

Joel Kessel Interviews Lee Caraher on "Conversations on Communications"

importance of internal communications

I don’t have to mention any names, but in the last several weeks we’ve seen organizations commit gaffes that blew up to become “PR nightmares.” Often, these are symptoms of a business that is out of alignment.

When a group of people move as a unit to reach a business goal,  we only see the surface and the end product. What we don’t see is the hard work and level of communication that goes on behind the scenes.

But good internal communication doesn’t just happen. It needs continual work that is intentional.

I discuss this and more with Lee Caraher, founder and CEO of Double Forte, and author of her latest book, The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from Your Employees, on this episode of Conversations on Communications. A few things we talk about:

  • How to get people on your team enthusiastic about the organization’s ultimate mission.
  • Getting different generations to work together.
  • Steps you can start implementing today for alignment.

Lee is a highly sought after communications expert known for her business building acumen and insights. Enjoy this episode of Conversations on Communications.