#48: Why “Sticktuitiveness” Is Your Greatest Competitive Advantage in Business [Podcast]

Joel Kessel Interviews Kent Julian on "Conversations on Communications"

“Fifteen years is coming one way or the other, and you can either be doing what you’re doing now or you can be doing what you want to do.”

That message hit speaker and author, Kent Julian, square between the eyes several years ago when talking with a mentor.

Within three years after starting his own business, Kent was able to quit his full-time job and replace his income doing what he loves.

Among the many words of wisdom Kent shares with us on this episode of Conversations on Communications are “sticktuitiveness,” “free serving versus fee serving,” and overcoming challenges in life and in your business.

If you’re looking to be a paid speaker, Kent is your guy. And this episode is for you.

Not too long ago, Kent was booking about two paid speaking gigs per year. Now he’s up to 40 per year and living the entrepreneurial dream. He’s also written or has co-written nine books throughout his career.

Kent puts it all out there in this candid conversation as he shares his message of moving from DREAM to DO.

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