#49: From Zero to $9 Million: How This Fundraiser Exceeds While She Leads [Podcast]

Joel Kessel Interviews Georgi Kelly on "Conversations on Communications"

“You should never ask someone to do something that you would not be willing to do yourself.”

This guiding leadership statement is one of the many that Georgi Kelly shares. Under her leadership as the VP of Development of KQED, the public media organization serving northern California, her team and the station continue to enjoy unprecedented success.

So how does she lead a team to nurture $9 million worth of non-profit connections? It all boils down to developing and maintaining relationships.

Georgi highlights what has worked for her and her team in this candid conversation.

We touch on several points including:

  1. Why fundraising and development in the nonprofit sector.
  2. Learned behavior and how it helps in gaining purpose.
  3. Her guiding philosophies that contributes to her team’s success.
  4. Specific tactics and initiatives that work for her and her team in reaching their goals.
  5. How she encourages her team to continually develop relationships.

Enjoy this conversation on how Georgi exceeds while she leads.