Are You Building A Larger Table Or A Higher Fence?

The other week I was at a friend’s house and I noticed a quote hanging on his wall that reads: “When you have everything build a larger table not a higher fence.”

I looked at it for a moment and let it sink in.

I started thinking and asking myself, am I helping those around me? Am I alienating anyone? Am I surrounding myself with the right people…the right clients?

Why have a larger table?

I believe we must build a larger table, but the question of why still sat on my mind. Here I am two weeks later finally explaining some reasons why:

Building a larger table allows us to serve and help more people.

Whether it’s helping someone further their career, helping a coworker who’s dealing with a difficult situation, or volunteering for a cause we have a passion for, I believe we’re here to serve and help others.

A rising tide raises all ships. This can be accomplished with a servant mentality.

Think about how much more we can accomplish when we build a larger table.

I liken this table concept to the saying, “The combined effort of the team is greater than the sum of the individual.”

This also comes with an important question, “Who are we inviting or allowing to sit at our table?”

Having a larger table is a good thing. However, who are we inviting to the table?

We see it all the time in sports. There’s a team that has all the talent in the world but they just can’t pull it together and play like a team. They should be winning a ton of games and they’re not.

Why is that?

Are the right people at the table? Is the team aligned and on the same page? Do they have similar values and do they believe the ship is going in the right direction?

Building a larger table puts us in a position to accomplish much more.

We will improve because building a larger table allows us to have more of the right people sitting at it.

By building that larger table we will improve. Surrounding ourselves with good people…the right people.

Jim Roan is often quoted with this, “You’re the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Think about who you’re inviting to your table. Be very protective of the seats and the others at your table.

We want people who are going to push us, challenge us, question us. We want truth tellers. We want people who are going to hold us accountable.

By surrounding yourself with those types of people, you’re going to improve.

Who’s seated at your table?

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