Are You Ready For The Unexpected When It Appears?

The unexpected event is going to happen. One likely happened today.

Earlier this year the unexpected hit me hard. One of my clients was going through a reorganization and ended up slashing budgets across the board. Obviously, I was impacted. That client went away, which impacted my monthly revenue by about 35 percent. Ouch.

The good news is I wasn’t a full-time employee whose job was unexpectedly eliminated and lost 100 percent of my revenue. In this case, I still had jobs, i.e., other clients – one of the benefits of working for myself.

Because I have enough activity going on in the business development area, I was able to fill the gap over the next several months.

It begs the question, are you ready to handle the unexpected when it arrives?

What are you doing to make sure your pipeline or funnel is continually getting attention and being filled? What about other non-revenue events such as a technology glitch during a major presentation? Are you ready to go with the flow and continue serving?

Get prepared

A few things to consider so you’re prepared for the unexpected:

  • Have a clear vision for you, your company, your life.
  • Know not everything is going to go as planned.
  • Have options and a plan for when the unexpected appears.
  • Look forward to embracing the “unexpected” challenge because you know you’re ready for it.

I was a holder for extra points/field goals at Ohio State and we followed the above every day at practice:

  • Our vision was obviously to make the extra point or field goal.
  • We knew the unexpected was always a possibility such as a botched hold (my bad).
  • Our plan when the unexpected happened was to yell, “fire” which signaled to our ends to release and look for a pass from me.
  • The practice prepared us for the unexpected.

No, the above scenario never happened, but all 11 guys on the extra point/field goal team knew their role if the unexpected ever occurred.

What are you doing to be prepared for the unexpected? Are you ready to take on the challenge and move forward?

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