Why an Author Press Kit is an Essential Part of Your Book Marketing Mix

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I’ve been working with Brian for a few months. He’s preparing to launch his first book and share his story with the world.

Getting media awareness around his book and message is a big part of his book marketing strategy and he understands that having an author press kit is essential.

I provided him with a template and talked him through the process of what should be included, how best to position himself, and how a press kit will help media reporters, podcast hosts and bloggers gain a deeper understanding about him, his book and his message.

He took action, asked for guidance when he had questions, and developed a press kit that presents him as a credible, professional source who is ready to help media tell a great story about him and his book.

Recently, I shared a post about my experience in booking a guest for my podcast who had a press kit and another guest who I declined because they didn’t have a press kit.

Cardiff has a press kit as well. He developed his and made it available on his website back in January. Since then he’s had more than 20 interviews and media stories about his book, all with a consistent message.

Here’s what a press kit can help you do:

  • Get you booked for interviews. Media will take you serious about your work and your interest in providing value to their readers, listeners and viewers.
  • Make you think deeper about why your message is important and how you should be positioning yourself, which will impact how you present yourself.
  • Keep you focused on your message. Because you went through the process of thinking through how best to position yourself in the press kit, you now have a resource that not only helps media understand who you are and what your book is about, but it also helps you maintain a consistent message across all the many ways you are marketing and communicating you and your book – blog articles, social media, presentations, etc.

Do you want to learn more about the press kit and why it’s an essential part of your book marketing mix?

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