Be Part Of The Conversation

What’s trending? Being talked about a lot on social media and in traditional media? Do you have an opinion or something to say?

Know what’s going on in your industry. Follow the relevant reporters on Twitter, and put into place whatever monitoring system you use to follow and understand what’s happening in your world.

When something happens—a trend, a new report, an unexpected event—it’s your opportunity to be helpful and make it easy for reporters to include you in their coverage.

You may recall a few years ago the story about the 15-year-old boy in San Jose, Calif., who jumped in the wheel well of an airplane and flew to Hawaii. Turns out he was running away from home.

When the National Runaway Safeline heard this, it reached out to the San Jose Mercury news to present a story idea with a runaway angle. The resulting article educated readers and shined a light on the runaway crisis in America.

Simply by knowing what’s going on and being part of the conversation.