Best Book Marketing Resources For Authors

There are many, many online book marketing resources for authors. While it can take a lot of time to click around in search of what’s right for you, I’ve compiled a list to save you time and to remove some of the guesswork on what you should seriously consider no matter where you are on the development and execution of your plan and promotions.

Best Book Marketing Resources for Authors
  • Comprehensive and Customizable checklist for book marketing: Tim Grahl’s work is something to be familiar with if you are a self-published author. This comprehensive book launch checklist can be easily printed and customized to your needs –
  • Free and interactive how-to guides for launching your book: “Startup Toolkit,” is a site with free tutorials that are useful for book as well as product launches. A ready-to-use template for your project and a step-by-step workflow is included in each tutorial. They cover topics from earning traffic with online communities to getting coverage from the press, and a lot more.



  • Having trouble reaching Facebook viewers? Facebook is still pressuring to advertise by limiting the reach of non-paid business pages. However, if you understand how the algorithm works on Facebook, you can quickly improve your reach. Hootsuite has a good guide for that.

Social media

  • Find topics that are trending on social media. Stay on top of what’s going on in your industry or area of expertise by making use of trending topics on social media. This can help you further zero in on the right audience to get your message out. Plus, you can create traditional media opportunities with credible media sources by offering yourself as an expert when something is trending.
  • Instagram hashtags. You probably know that one key to building up a following on Instagram is the right use of hashtags. If knowing how and which ones to use is a puzzle, here is a comprehensive guide.


  • Only for serious bloggers: Blogging is a key way to increase traffic to your website. However, it requires a content strategy in order to see a reward. In order to increase traffic to your website use this free guide, which shows you how to identify which type of content is necessary. It also shows you how to promote traffic to your content. This guide is intense and outlines an approach for big brands. However, there is some great advice and things to think about as it relates to your blog strategy.
  • Customized Headlines. Writing better, more impactful headlines that are tailored according to social media channels are critical if you blog or regularly write online. This dramatically affects the shares of and clicks on your efforts.

Giveaways, reviews & discounts

  • Have an ebook? Want to run a giveaway easily? instaFreebie is a website that offers self-published authors a way to run an efficient and smooth ebook giveaway campaign. Readers interested in your ebook opt-in by providing their email address so you can continue providing valuable content to them. You have the flexibility of setting a specific amount of copies to be given away and an expiration date.
  • Goodreads is another site offering book giveaways. You determine the start and end date, how many copies to be given away, your book release date, what countries to include, a description for the readers, and what genre the book belongs in.


  • Gain an understanding of SEO: HubSpot, a leader in inbound marketing, has gathered the best of both the free and the paid educational resources available for you to become informed about search engine optimization. This list is worth saving, especially if you have a blog or a website.

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