The Message Map: How to Stay Focused and On Message

Technology has significantly impacted how we communicate today. That’s obvious. And more than that, it’s impacted the pace, frequency, the many ways and amount of communication we engage in on a 24/7 basis (if we want).

In all the many ways we communicate, how do we make sure we remain consistent with our message? For me, I’m writing blog articles, creating presentations, posting video messages, and preparing for podcast or media interviews every month. My challenge is how do I make sure I’m consistent from opportunity to opportunity when I’m trying to get my message out there?

Valuing Yourself is a Number One Priority

Terry posted how frustrated he was with having to do the marketing. Joan soon commented in agreement, sharing her version of being frustrated.

Both felt overwhelmed.

I’ve been having more and more conversations with authors, entrepreneurs and small business owners about how for their book and business. Keep in mind, the marketing communications is a small part of their responsibilities, albeit an important one.

Whom to Hire Before You Write the First Word of Your Book

By: Jennifer Harshman, guest blogger

Do you know whom to hire before you write the first word of your book? I bet no one even told you that there was someone you should make arrangements with before you begin writing, and I apologize for that. I hope this post will remedy that situation. The person to hire, at the very beginning (or as close to it as possible), is a writing-and-publishing expert (also referred to as a writing-and-publishing professional, guide, or coach).

Why an Author Press Kit is an Essential Part of Your Book Marketing Mix

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I’ve been working with Brian for a few months. He’s preparing to launch his first book and share his story with the world.

Getting media awareness around his book and message is a big part of his book marketing strategy and he understands that having an author press kit is essential.

I provided him with a template and talked him through the process of what should be included, how best to position himself, and how a press kit will help media reporters, podcast hosts and bloggers gain a deeper understanding about him, his book and his message.

He took action, asked for guidance when he had questions, and developed a press kit that presents him as a credible, professional source who is ready to help media tell a great story about him and his book.

Trade Journals: Are People Still Reading Them?

As an entrepreneur who wrote the book on whatever you’re an expert in, you understand that it takes more than just writing the book and placing it on your website to make people buy it. There’s more to this book marketing thing, which leads me to this post.

I received an email the other week from an author client asking if trade journals were still being read and if they are a worthwhile media outlet to present story ideas.

Are You Being Helpful To Media (And Yourself) With This Tool?

Since launching my own podcast, Conversations on Communications, it’s been interesting because I’m now starting to get pitched by publicists, PR professionals and other authors and entrepreneurs asking to be a guest on my show.

What makes this even more interesting is that I teach and coach authors, entrepreneurs and nonprofits on how to get awareness and publicity for their book, their cause or their business. I feel like I’ve pulled back the curtain and can see and experience how others are doing it. The research, insights and perspectives are invaluable. And now I can share more with you.

Are Other Writers Competition?

By: Jennifer Harshman, guest blogger

“Are other writers competition for me?” Some heated debates can arise when it comes to this question. Authors and other writers need to connect with other people, just like anyone else does. Before they connect with others in their field, though, they want to know if their peers are to be treated as friends or enemies.

Are other authors competition?

Some say there’s only so much to go around. People tend to split into two camps on this. One school of thought thinks that yes, indeed, other writers are the competition, that they are to be avoided and mistrusted. Guard your ideas, especially from other authors and from editors who might steal your ideas and your sales. Other writers are the enemy, this camp says.