It’s The Media’s Job To Tell The Story

I had the privilege of working with a gifted writer and strategist named Steve earlier in my career. He was a former reporter at the Chicago Tribune who was cut from that old-school cloth.

Steve always said what was on his mind, which most clients appreciated. But there were times when a few feathers got ruffled. Steve felt he always spoke the truth so it wasn’t his problem that some got bent out of shape.

Be Part Of The Conversation

What’s trending? Being talked about a lot on social media and in traditional media? Do you have an opinion or something to say?

Know what’s going on in your industry. Follow the relevant reporters on Twitter, and put into place whatever monitoring system you use to follow and understand what’s happening in your world.

Consistency in Communication

Notice I didn’t say consistent communication. What’s the difference?

To me, consistent communication can easily turn into consistent noise. There’s a lot of it these days. We don’t want to be adding to the noise already out there. Rather, we want to be breaking through it and be heard by those we’re looking to serve.

Why It Pays to be a Good Communicator

Great leaders do more than just spur a great idea into action. They give you purpose and make you feel that you are in their circle of trust. They make you feel good about your abilities and even inspire you to go the extra mile.

These are just some of the thoughts I had after sitting down with Ruben Minor, relationship manager at Nationwide Insurance. He shared with me how great leaders are great communicators and how that skill can change the companies they lead.