Media is a Conduit to Your Donor

My first job in Chicago was with a small PR/communications agency. One day I was working with my supervisor on a campaign plan for a nonprofit client and she said something that has stuck with me throughout my career.

“The media is a conduit to your donor.”

Her point: The media isn’t the donor. Their readers, listeners and viewers are.

As you’re thinking about what story ideas and value to present to a reporter, blogger or podcast host, think about their audience and how you can add value to them…and how you can make the reporter look like the hero.

Nonprofit Leaders: Do you have a desire to change your outcome?

Six years ago I was stuck. I lacked the clarity and direction on where my business or career were going. I was frustrated.

I was busy working on the work, but I wasn’t working on myself or my business. Overwhelmed and stressed, I needed help.

I signed on with a coach. He pushed. Made me feel uncomfortable. Held me accountable.

Today, I have a clear path on where my business and career are going. It’s very different from where it was six years ago and my vision for my career is much more exciting. Helping people share their meaningful work in a meaningful way is the mantra I now live by.

It has taken (and still does) a lot of work, discipline, and a desire to change. Key phrase: A desire to change.