Nonprofit Leaders: Do you have a desire to change your outcome?

Six years ago I was stuck. I lacked the clarity and direction on where my business or career were going. I was frustrated.

I was busy working on the work, but I wasn’t working on myself or my business. Overwhelmed and stressed, I needed help.

I signed on with a coach. He pushed. Made me feel uncomfortable. Held me accountable.

Today, I have a clear path on where my business and career are going. It’s very different from where it was six years ago and my vision for my career is much more exciting. Helping people share their meaningful work in a meaningful way is the mantra I now live by.

It has taken (and still does) a lot of work, discipline, and a desire to change. Key phrase: A desire to change.

Dublin, Ohio’s Embrace the First Step to Hold Annual Gala in Support of Children, Animals, Veterans, Senior Citizens

DUBLIN, Ohio (Feb. 3, 2016)—Four central Ohio nonprofit organizations are getting a boost in support through Embrace The First Step’s annual gala, 6-9 p.m., Feb. 27, at La Scala Italian Bistro, 4199 W. Dublin Granville Rd., Dublin, Ohio.

“Our whole purpose is to organize events throughout the year to raise money and awareness for a variety of local causes whose missions support children, animals, veterans and seniors,” said Michael Roderick, founder of Embrace The First Step. “We expect to raise over $5,000 at this year’s gala.”

This year’s gala is recognizing and supporting A Kid Again, CSW Farms Foundation, 3rd & Goal Veterans Home Aid, and The Byron Saunders Foundation. Kayla Anderson, of WBNS 10TV, is serving as master of ceremonies. Joel Kessel, former Ohio State punter and owner of Kessel Communications, is the featured guest speaker.


Cost of the event is $75 per person or $550 per table and includes dinner and two drink tickets. To secure a table or purchase a single ticket, visit or call (614) 579-3966.

Embrace The First Step’s mission is to identify and organize athletic events for the benefit of deserving charities while motivating individuals to get involved and create new fundraising opportunities by helping them not only TAKE the first step, but embrace it. The organization has held 10 events raising more than $25,000 for central Ohio charities since its inception in 2014. To learn more about the organization, visit



Michael Roderick
(614) 579-3966

What I Mean By Sharing Your Meaningful Work In A Meaningful Way


Here are three experiences that have impacted why I do what I do today.

1. Her name was Marie. She had advanced malignant melanoma and was relying on AirLifeLine to fly her at no charge to receive treatment far from home each month. She was positive, grateful, and passionate about life. I helped tell her story so others could benefit from the generosity she experienced from selfless airplane pilots wanting to do more to help others in need.

2. Earlier in my mid-twenties, I was told not to stay past dark by my boss. Huh? It was because I was meeting a client at their office, a Chicago Youth Center in Chicago’s Cabrini Green neighborhood, one of the most dangerous in the city. I saw firsthand the impact my team was making on kids in that part of the city.

3. I had a conversation with a woman earlier this year who started a foundation several years ago in honor of her daughter who at the age of five was abducted, molested and murdered. Her foundation focuses on preventing this from ever happening again. I thanked God after our conversation for the opportunity to serve.

I’ve been deeply blessed throughout my 20+ professional career to help people and organizations that are doing meaningful work tell their story in a meaningful way so they can have a larger impact on the people they serve.

Being in the right business

A German car company.

An international soccer (futbol) organization.

A former professional bicyclist.

A deflated football.

Many others like these that we’ve heard about. No idea how many we haven’t. Unfortunately, we will be reminded again.

Where does it stem from? Why does it happen? Who’s responsible? How do we disassociate ourselves from those at fault? Or do we give them a second chance?

A message I often heard from my college coaches, “Never do anything that will disrespect you, your school or your family.”

Good words to live by.

Reputations, credibility, trust take a long time to build. Only seconds to dismantle.

Are you in the business of building? Or are you building a business that can very easily be taken down?

Why This Press Release Will Get Thrown in the Trash

Names and locations have been changed in this post.

While conducting some online research, I came across a press release from an “industry leader” and was convinced that reporters would either throw it in the trash or hit the delete button.

Five mistakes jump out in the first paragraph that immediately tell me—or any professional journalist reading it—to toss it.

Here’s the lead paragraph and what we can learn when producing press releases announcing legitimate news.

He Clearly Wasn’t Prepared

I read an article in a local business journal the other week about a company that was cutting jobs and outsourcing production to several vendors throughout the United States.

It was a well-written, objective article, based on facts that were well researched and also likely provided to the reporter ahead of time. But a few things made me pause and say, “If this were me, I wouldn’t be happy with how I and my company were written about and positioned in this story.”

Here’s a brief excerpt and my take on “reading between the lines.”

8 Steps To Getting Five Radio Interviews In One Day

In my last post about the Radio Media Tour (RMT), I talked about what an RMT is, and when and where to conduct it. Following are eight steps to make sure you can get at least five interviews in one day, or in the case of Dr. Gary Harper, 14 in one day.

1. Set clear objectives.

What do you hope to accomplish through this campaign? Increased awareness and understanding on a particular issue? More sales or fundraising dollars? More engagement with your customers or supporters?

Did I Really Do 14 Radio Interviews in One Day?

Could you imagine? How would 14 radio interviews in one day impact your organization, your cause, your mission?

Dr. Gary Harper did 14 radio interviews several months ago on behalf of the National Runaway Safeline. He informed listeners all the way from Texas to Michigan to New York, about new research on how family characteristics can be predictors of youth runaway behavior. Connections for the nonprofit increased.