My Speaking Page

Having worked in the public relations field for more than 20 years, I’ve coordinated and managed my fair share of events – and speakers.

I know what a big difference a quality speaker can have on your event, which is why I’ve created this speaker page to provide you with information to help you make the best decision. Click around and let me know if you have any questions.

What you can expect

I want to make this as easy as possible for you so I can do my part in making your event the success you envision. Here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. Availability. I’m available for personal phone calls so I can better understand your event, your goals and objectives, your audience and how I may be able to serve you best.
  1. Promotion. I’ll help you promote your event by writing and sending out a press release announcing my participation. The announcement will also be posted on my blog and shared through my social media channels (if your event is open to the public).
  1. Prepared. I plan to show up filled up and deliver an engaging and thought-provoking presentation that supports your goals and vision.
  1. Resources. I’m here to serve you and your attendees. My presentation and any materials and resources I feel are helpful, will be made available online.
  1. Follow-up. I can only get better if I receive candid feedback. We’ll plan a follow-up conversation to discuss how expectations were met (and how I can improve).

About me

I speak, advise and write about strategic communications and public relations for the sole purpose of helping organizations that are doing meaningful work share their story in a meaningful way—primarily through the media—so they can have a larger impact on the people they serve.

This focus comes through every presentation I deliver whether it’s talking about my experiences working with USA Today, the Associated Press, or the CBS Evening News, or campaigns I’ve managed where the story had multiple angles and ways of getting the message out.

In all my presentations and workshops, when I feel compelled, I’ll share a personal or professional story or two—to make a point or provide an analogy—from being a husband and father of two wonderful kids, working in radio, singing in a two-man band, getting paid as a voiceover talent, trying to entertain as part of an improv group, or playing football at The Ohio State University.

My goal is to provide your audience with relevant, helpful content that they can use to further their organizational growth, and in some cases, their professional growth.

You can read more about my career and background on my About page.


I speak on topics covering public relations, working with media, the importance of having a solid message, and leadership communications. My goal is to meet your goals so I will customize my presentation to meet your needs and those of your audience. Here are my speaking topics:

  • Leadership Communications in the Face of Uncertainty 
  • 10 Truths About How the Underdog Gets Top Dog Media Exposure
  • Marketing Your Message: Sharing your Meaningful Work in a Meaningful Way
  • Just Because You Think It’s News Doesn’t Mean They Do
  • The Radio Media Tour: How one organization did 17 interviews in one week

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The next step

Let me know how I can help make your event a success. Let’s start the discussion by sending me an email and we’ll arrange a time to talk.