Productivity Hack: Record a Video and Have a Blog Post and Email Article in Under 10 Minutes

There’s a productivity hack I’ve been following now for a while that has allowed me to record a video, draft a blog post and email article in under 10 minutes.

If you’ve been following me then you know I come out with a video message on Monday and then send a very similar message through email by the end of the week, and post the same content on my blog.

Here’s what I do:

Step 1: Record a video

I record a 1- 3-minute video message every Monday morning sharing a tip, a thought, or piece of advice related to communications, PR, marketing communications.

Step 2: Transcribe video

I then open a Word document on my MacBook and click “Edit” then “Start Dictation.” A small microphone icon will appear alongside my Word document indicating it is ready to transcribe whatever it hears.

I hit play on the video (which is on my iPhone) and let it transcribe my thought or advice. At this point I have created a video and have a first draft of a blog and email article in under 10 minutes.

Step 3: Clean it up

The dictation feature picks up almost everything verbatim, but not everything. I go through and revise it, add some other thoughts, and clean it up.

Step 4: Get it out there

On Monday I post the video I just recorded to my Bigger Stage Tribe private Facebook group as well as my Kessel Communications Facebook page.

On Wednesday (or Thursday depending on my schedule), I’ll have the article go live on my blog and LinkedIn using its publishing feature. I also write and schedule a minimum of five tweets promoting the blog.

On Friday, I send the email of the same article to my list of subscribers.

Here are the benefits I’m experiencing:

  • By the feedback and interaction I’m experiencing, my subscribers and followers are engaged and receiving value on a consistent basis.
  • I don’t feel overwhelmed because I’m pre-purposing my content.
  • Membership in my private Facebook group is growing.

This approach works for me and has been a huge time saver in my efforts to add more value, and connect and engage with my audience.

What’s working for you? I’m curious to learn how you’re saving time and adding value to those you are serving.

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