Understanding Your Audience: Answer These Questions First

I know some people who are frustrated about their business or organization.

Understanding Your Audience

Lack of leads, lack of clarity and the understanding of their audience and potential customers has lead them to this point.

Without a deeper knowledge about who they want to help (those buying their products/services) they are simply making assumptions and going nowhere fast.

A few years ago my agency was hired to work with a statewide association. They came to us with three specific goals in mind: 1) Improve our message, 2) increase our media awareness and presence, and 3) help increase membership of the association.

We asked a lot of questions and did the research to develop and execute a plan that resulted in communicating a clear message through the media (traditional and social), which helped increase membership by 30 percent within the first year.

It all started with answering several questions first. The same questions you can ask yourself.

  • Who cares about what I do?
  • What challenges does this audience face? What’s their pain?
  • What does this audience want from me? What’s their goal?
  • What challenges do I have with this audience? What’s my pain?
  • What do I want from this audience? My goal?
  • Do I even want to work with and serve this audience?
  • How does this audience get their information?

Ask, assess, ask some more. Having a better understanding of your audience helps pave the way to your marketing communications strategy in a much clearer way.

What other questions should we be asking ourselves to gain a deeper understanding of our audience?

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