You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot to Boost Your Brand

Providing a good experience doesn’t have to cost much.

Here’s a question that, depending how you answer it, may save you a lot of money and even make you more: How do you want people to feel, think and “experience” you and your business or organization?

When thinking about the experience you would like your customers to have, keep these three things in mind:

Providing a good experience has a ripple effect where your customers tell others. It’s called a referral.

People talk. Understand that if you give people – your customers – a good experience they’re likely going to share that experience and tell others about how awesome you, your products and services are.

Someone reads your book and has been impacted, what are they going to do? Recommend it to others.

A company hires you to find them great talent and you continually deliver, what are they going to do? Share the experience.

A family gets back on its feet because of your program, what are they going to do?

You get the point.

Understand that the effort behind you providing a good experience is ongoing.

The good experience never ends. This isn’t a check off the box proposition.

This focus on providing a good experience is your brand. It’s that emotional feeling people have when they come across you, see your product, or hear about your service.

Continue providing a good experience and you’re going to build trust. You’re going to build your reputation and people are going to come back and support you, follow you, purchase from you.

When you’re thinking about the good experience you want people to have, think about everything from A to Z.

If you have a brick and mortar business, what’s the experience people have when they step into your office or establishment?

When they walk through the front door are they greeted by someone with a friendly smile or do they have to ring a bell and wait to get service?

Do they get a friendly person when they call or do they have to punch seven numbers before they get a live person?

Think about the experience from A-to-Z.

I’m working with Darlene who recently had a book launch event. Prior to the event we talked about the experience she wanted people to have from the moment they received an invitation to when they arrived and stepped through the front door to when and how they received a thank you after the event.

Whether it’s your book, business, or cause, think about the experience you want people to have because you know if you provide a good experience they’re going to pass that along and tell others.

How are you providing a good experience? Are you doing anything unique or different?

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